Left Behind in pre-Anniversary shorthand

Left Behind (1905) by Arthur Ruhl was serialized in 1916 pre-Anniversary shorthand in the Gregg Writer from September through December 1921. The story appeared in Scribner’s Magazine in September 1905.

Arthur Ruhl was an athlete turned journalist.  He wrote books and published magazine stories. Left Behind seems to be a story about a track meet. (I haven’t read the story yet.) Many of Ruhl’s books and stories were about athletics. But he did write about other subjects, such as wars.

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  1. I just read this story. It is about a high school track runner who had to give up going to college because his father’s business went belly up. Left behind refers to his being left behind in his jerk-water town to work in a blue-collar job while his high school friend went off to a posh university. 

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