Great Stone Face in PreAnniversary 1902 Shorthand – New Color Scan

I put a new color scan of The Great Stone Face (1912) on the Internet Archive today. This is the first Gregg Shorthand version. It matches the 1902 manual.

This version was first serialized in the Gregg Writer magazine from October 1908 to March 1910. Except for the first two pages, all of the plates from the serialization were used in the 1912 book publication. The first two pages in the Gregg Writer contain shorthand plates that are different than those found in the 1912 publication.

It appears that they re-did the plates from the September and October 1908 Gregg Writer because they wanted to publish this in book form, and they needed smaller plates.

Gregg Writer Page 72 (9-1908) has one large plate. It mostly covers the same content as Pages 3 & 4 in the published book.  (The book starts on Page 3.) Gregg Writer Page 108 (10-1908) mostly covers Pages 5 & 6 in the published book.

The Gregg Writer shorthand on Pages 72 and 108 was completely re-written for the book. Some of the phrasing is different. It looks like these first two pages in the Gregg Writer were written by a different person than the person who wrote Pages 3 through 6 for the book.

Page 160 (12-1908) in the Gregg Writer contains two small shorthand plates identical to Pages 7 and 8 in the book.  Unfortunately these two plates are switched around on Page 160. The plate on the right side needs to be read before the plate on the left.

If you want to compare the Gregg Writer pages to the book pages, here is a link to the Sept through Dec 1908 Gregg Writer:

There is a scan of the same book that has been on the Internet Archive since 2008. It is difficult to read because the source book used for that scan had several faded pages.

I looked at a few copies of this book, and they all had the same problem. Several pages were faded with the first four pages being the worst. I found a copy that was printed in 1920 that I used as the source book for scanning. The shorthand plates in this printing are much darker. (They kept printing this 1902 version after the 1916 manual came out because a new 1916 version didn’t come out until 1924.)

Here is the link to the new scan of The Great Stone Face:

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