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    1. There are a couple of outlines I'm not sure about. One of them looks like double-S on top of "why." I tried "set aside" as the meaning, and that worked in one instance, but not in the other.

      Another one is "no panic, bank [ P S E ] or failure can destroy it." Couldn't quite think what [ P S E ] stands for, or maybe I misread it.

      1. 1. "Systematically": The word "system" is a brief form in Anniversary written as the ses blend. The ending -tic is a circle, -tical is a loop, and -tically is a loop with a circle inside. You can see these endings here.

        2. "Bankruptcy": The word "bankrupt" is abbreviated as b-a-nk-p, so for "bankruptcy" we just add the ending. Here is a list of common abbreviated words in Anniversary.

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