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  1. I think he's trying to fix my image. What can I say? I write with a dip pen in shorthand. This computer stuff is difficult for my brain. Ah! I see he was successful – my new hero! Thank you!

  2. Only because his grand kids asked for confidentiality when they gave me the journal to translate – I actually am under an NDA. I don't know why, and I didn't ask – haven't run into anything juicy yet!

  3.  . . . that it was quite impossible of course because  (officer name)  . . has his secretary  (rank)  (who) now gives his dictation to another stenographer. ., .

  4. Thank you guys for the help. That outline for "because" was throwing me off. I am a Diamond Jubilee girl. Which version of Gregg writes "because" as K – S?

  5. That may be. I actually thought it was a  K – ish, but that didn't make any sense. I thought of K – S, but the only possibility I could think of with that was "case," which also made no sense. This blog is the best – thanks. I won't hesitate to post any other bits I can't figure out … that is, if Carlos is willing to fix my images! smiley

    1. k-left s is a brief form for "cause" and "because" in Anniversary and earlier series (not to be confused with k-right s, which means "consider"). Same thing with "possible", which was also abbreviated in these two series as p-o-left s, hence "impossible" is just m-p-o-left s.

      Of course you can post any time Angela, :-). Also, I would recommend becoming familiar with the brief forms in Anniversary and the 1916 edition (they are very similar). A lot of words that were abbreviated in these two series were written in full in DJS, and knowing these additional words would help you a lot with the transcriptions! Andrew Owen posted the 1916 New and Revised Brief Forms here and the Anniversary Brief Forms here.

  6. Awesome, thanks. The stuff I translate is mostly 1930s and earlier. So being a Diamond Jubilee girl, I often struggle with the brief forms. I have either books or links to all the earlier versions with the intent of working my way through them, but time is a luxury for me. I'm going to take your advice and start with those brief form links you posted – it seems like those would be the best use of my time as they will get right to the heart of the stuff I struggle with. Thanks again!

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