Captured by Mohawks

In the mid 1600s, Pierre-Esprit Radisson, the French fur trader and explorer (and for whom the Radisson hotels were named after), was hunting fowl near his Trois-Rivières home in Quebec, when several of his hunting group were killed by Mohawks, and himself was later captured by the Iroquois. He wrote detailed accounts of his travels that were published. These narratives were also adapted in novel form in the book Captured by the Mohawks, by Sterling North. Here is his description of his encounter with the Iroquois, written in Centennial Gregg by yours truly.

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  1. I struggled a bit more than usual with the older English. I experimented with transcribing under the shorthand. That helped my confidence a lot when several difficult words cane together. I could read the entire sentence. I actually got most of the words right, but they didn't feel right until I saw the entire sentence. It also didn't allow me to skip words. I won't write it out very often. Reading and rereading the entire sentence in shorthand gets the outlines into memory faster, but it's useful when a bit just doesn't make sense.



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