Memoir of Mom’s Gregg Work

You may recall that my mother, Astrid F. Gescheidt/Ramsey, wrote the original shorthand for The Gregg Writer and other Gregg publications for many years.  I’m contemplating publishing a memoir about her Gregg connections, not the least of which was meeting my Dad, who also worked there.  I’d be grateful for any suggestions/queries, in posts or by email to [email protected].

Who might buy my book?  Libraries?

Question:  Is Gregg shorthand being taught anywhere these days?   Conceivably online?    There must not be many qualified teachers, if any.

BTW, has anyone noticed that STENO is a very common word in crossword puzzles?

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  1. Sounds like an awesome idea!  I think there would be Gregg fans who would enjoy such a book– I know I would!

    I believe there might be Gregg schools still in India, but shorthand colleges are diminishing there, too.

    There is an online Gregg shorthand class at this link.  And this one is in India.  I don't know anyone who has taken them.  

    As for anyone else who teaches, I'm a homeschooling parent who has taught my two children Gregg Notehand.

  2. That's kind of why I taught my kids Gregg Notehand as a "study skill."  The Notehand text book has several chapters on how to take notes for various situations (research papers, note-taking in class, etc.)  We did this along with some mnemonics and speed reading courses by Dave Farrow, to round out "study skills."  I always felt homeschoolers are an untapped market for Gregg shorthand.  But these days people rely on their phones and such for note taking.  Still, our family embraced Notehand.  I always wanted to start up a Notehand blog or something… I've recorded a lot of dictation material and even created a dictionary for Notehand (textual, not the shorthand just yet).  But I haven't had the time.

    Anyway, I do hope you will proceed with your book!

  3. Hello,
    I think it’s your mother who made the plates for “Les Études Graduées en Vitesse en Sténographie Gregg”, Mrs David J. Ramsey? Nice work, by the way.
    If I were to buy the book you imagine, I suppose I would be interested to know how this Mrs Ramsey came to write Gregg shorthand, what interested her in this activity and the difficulties of the work. The result is so neat so I wonder about the process… Also what does it mean to write Gregg in another language? But all that sounds more like a book about memoirs… 🙂

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