Stuck in Translation … Ugh!

So, these are minutes of two county housing authority meetings. I’ve figured out most of it, but a few stubborn blanks remain. Can anybody help? (The pic is the best I can do – the originals are very faint).

For the first one, I get:

“Notes:  ___ contract for the next fiscal year ____.” (I think the first blank is a brief form for “continue,” but I’m not sure).

For the second one, I get:

Notes:  Richard:  Amend to last year’s contract. Gave ___ more $ which has to be s___ before ____ June 30.

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  1. I can't really get this, but I'll take a stab at a couple of things.

    (1) I suspect that the first outline on the first page is the same as the last outline on the first line of the second page. No idea, though, what this is, especially given that this person used nonstandard spellings and wrote k like th in "contract". Alternatively, the second of these outlines could be "us".


    (2) I think "more $ which has to be s__" should be "more $ which have to be spent".

    (I wish people like this one had learned Gregg properly before using it. If my conjectures above are right, "spent" is spelled s-f-a-nt, just as in the Mystery Post-It Notes, "safe" looks like p-a-p-f.)

    1. Yeah, that possible word "spent" is a head scratcher. Did you notice the disjointed and floating  "end" stroke after it? It's redundant if she did indeed intent to write "spent." In other words, she has written "spentend" – at least that's what it looks like to me.

  2. Here's another conjecture, based on Angelam's comment about the disjoined "end". What if that is a disjoined md, meant to go with the word "amend" to make it "amendment"? Then the second page would read this way.

    Richard:  Amendment to last year’s contract – Gave ___ more $ which have to be spent before ____ June 30.

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