Taquigrafía Morma

Hello fellows:

Finally, I have made a PDF file with the shorthand system called Morma, for Spanish.
This system was created by Mr. Luis Morales Matus published in 1915.
Mr. Morales was a shorthand reporter in Chile.
He started using Francisco de Paula Marti’s shorthand,
but when he realised that he couldn’t pass the exam for getting in the Deputy Chamber,
he decided to create his own shorthand system, and he did get in.
Nowadays, his system is still used by some shorthand reporters.

Here’s the link:


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    1. Oooh, you're right!

      I didn't realise till now you mention it. Those photos were taken by a friend of mine almost 10 ten years ago.

      When I travel to the capital, I'll take the photo of that page.



      1. Try to see if the library can make a scan for you, or if the library has the facilities for you to make the scan yourself over there. Nowadays, scanning equipment is commonplace in most big libraries.

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