Gregg Speed Building (for Anniversary)

I recently scanned and just uploaded to Gregg Speed Building.  It corresponds with the Anniversary manual which it refers to often by paragraph number, so you will want to have that handy as well.  My understanding is that this was often the next text after one completed Gregg Speed Studies.  It’s well worth a look if you don’t have a copy or haven’t seen it.  Carlos, do you have any thoughts or tidbits you’d like to share about it?

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  1. This is fantastic, and thank you for scanning this book. It is one of my favorite shorthand books for two reasons: (1) the plates are beautifully written by Mrs. Richmond, and (2) it has a vocabulary index in the back, which is very handy. Subsequent editions added business English lessons by Lillian Hutchinson, and additional dictation material and even editions for both college ("college course") and high school ("one-year course"). Unfortunately, the later editions did not contain an index (but contain a lot of practice material, for sure!). In a four-semester shorthand sequence, this book would be used in the second year (either third or fourth semester), after the student had completed an introductory shorthand course along with introductory dictation. By the end of this particular book, students should be writing at 120 wpm, while in the one-year versions that were published later (college and high schools), it was expected that the student would be writing at 150-160 wpm at the end of the course.

    1. Carlos, as always, thank you for the information! I thought the same thing about how useful it might be to have the indexes. (There's also one for phrases in addition to a word index).  Do you know whether the subsequent editions were written for the Anniversary Edition?  Also, have you ever come across the Teacher's Key anywhere?

      1. Yes, that's what I meant, a total of 5 Gregg Speed Building (GSB) books were published for Anniversary, all with their respective keys: 1st edition (above), 2d (New, Revised edition), the third edition having 2 versions ("one-year course" and college), and the 4th edition only having the college book. In Simplified there were 2 versions (high school and college) published in two different editions (4 books) and one edition for a one-year course (basically the first edition of the high school book plus additional dictation material), for a total of 5 different GSB books. The first Simplified college edition is very good and was written by Clyde Blanchard. DJS had again 2 versions published with 2 different editions (4 GSB books total), S90 had 2 versions in 1 edition (one college and one high school). In Centennial Gregg, this book was replaced by 2 versions (high school and college) of "Gregg Shorthand for the Administrative Assistant", which had similar objectives as GSB.

    1. You're quite welcome.  I was somewhat surprised that this wasn't already digitized, especially sinci it seemed like such a good book!

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