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  1. Hi!
    Thank you, Santa Carlos, for your gift!
    Just very, very few remarks… You write ‘des’ as ‘d-e’… Actually, as shown on the page 1 of Sénécal, ‘des’ like ‘de’ is just transcribed by ‘d’. And, for ‘fournissant’, I know you don’t like it but ‘-issant’ is written like ‘-ant’ just by a dot.

    I don’t like to be in the position of the one who criticizes but, I promise: as soon I solve my problem with my scanner that doesn’t work anymore, I will ‘expose my work’ again and you will able to show ‘your reaction’… 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! By all means, let me know if you see something. It is because that's the way it's written in Simplified, so I’m used to it by now distinguishing between des and de! (But, you could read it, right?) The corrections are made.

      1. I've just read the new text and…I'm quite embarassed, really. blush

        The two last 'd-e' has escaped your acuity: 'des' actions… 'des relations'.

        Just a tiny thing more I didn't notice before, a bit above: …'des conseils débutants'… Shouldn't a 'aux' be put between?

        I wonder, this mention about Gregg shorthand… is it your prose? Thanks, anyway… 🙂

        1. I think you were reading an old version. Those were corrected. Try refreshing the page again.

          The text is not mine, but I added that little part about Gregg Shorthand, :-).

  2. Thank you Carlos, this is amazing! I read the simplified version and (think I) understood everything! It really isn’t much different from DJS as you said before.

    When I read the word dictionnaire, I remembered what you said about -ktion in Spanish Gregg and wondered how you would write diccionario: Di-Tion-A-R-IO?

    Anyway that was really fun to read. I’ve been transcribing a lot of stuff lately but my penmanship is still so shaky that I never manage to write a whole text with satisfactory readability (hence why I still haven’t updated my text on bodybuilding: every version I write looks different and none looks better than the one I posted online despite my best efforts!).

    1. You're welcome!

      The outline for diccionario depends on the series, but in my own writing I write it as d-e-k-tion-r-e. There you write the k. (They add the a in later series; I think it's overkill to add the a, anyway.) But anexión, for example, is a-n-e-tion. So in Spanish the -ción rule words are written mostly by spelling and not necessarily by sound.

      For penmanship, are you practicing writing words? Practice writing words, phrases, short things, until you can write them easily. That should take care of the shakiness.

      1. Thank you Carlos for the advice. I think it’s probably psychological as well, because when I jot down careless notes or write something for myself which I don’t intend to show to anyone, I find that my outlines look much better than when I set out to write as beautiful a text as possible to post it here and end up with a much poorer result! I’ve also noticed it depends hugely on the type of pen I use.

          1. Glad I’m not alone! Yes I should probably stick to only one pen for now, but I always misplace my pens somewhere around the flat and end up writing with anything I can find…

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