during the confinement, I had a look at the Anniversary manual — the English one — and tried to guess the meaning of the texts. An exercise a lot easier and less frustrating when you have the solutions. I didn’t finish the manual and I am not sure I have enough motivation to do it…

But here is my guess for the little sentence in the square on the left of the blog: ‘May earth and sky be good to you.’

So here is my enigma:

First use of my new scanner/printer. (Yes, I’m back! 🙂 )


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  1. Very good! See? You can read shorthand in English!

    Now, on your quote, shouldn't there be a second e circle at the end of the sixth outline (is it et les êtres or et l'être)?

    1. Et les êtres… Right.

      I still don't have the proof you have the whole quote… 🙂 (Not that I doubt… I wonder if I can really challenge you.)

      About the English in the square, it's just a wild guess… 🙂

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