Ascending and descending strokes


I’m really sorry, I know this has already been covered but for the life of me I can’t find where!

I just wanted to be sure about the distinction between ascending (or do you say upward) and descending (downward?) strokes.

Upward: T, D, R, L ?

Downward: S, CH, J, F, V, B, P, K, G ?

What about M and N?

The question has its importance because my manual relies on this upward/downward opposition to distinguish various behaviors and exceptions to rules.


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  1. Forward Consonants (écrites de l’avant): N, M, R, L, G, and K + blends (LD, RD, men)
    Upward Consonants (écrites de bas en haut): T, D + blends (ten, tem, dn, dm)
    Downward Consonants (écrites de haut en bas): S, -tion (SH), CH, J, P, B, F, V

  2. Thank you Carlos, it was more straighforward than I thought. I wrongly understood that N, M, K, G, R, L were somehow lumped into either upward or downward, hence the question. Thanks!

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