Les enfants des étoiles


Aymeric and I, we started a discussion some time ago about adding new prefixes to French Gregg. I had particularly in mind the prefixes hydr- and oxy-. For the prefix oxy-, it’s easy, the ideal prefix would be o/ as it isn’t used in French Gregg. For the prefix hydr-, well, I had a soft spot for id/ but finally, I settled for i/, it’s not ideal because it is already used for incl-… but it’s simpler and apparently, there is no risk of confusion.

So, here is an excerpt from « l’Architecture de l’Univers » by Serge Brunier… where the words oxygène and hydrogène are used.


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  1. Thank you Christine for this very nice text (I love this topic!). I managed to read most of it, except (strangely) the very first sentence ("le… bristume ? bristem ? brestim ? post-grand ?) and another word (… or c’est justement dans ces étoiles massives que sont créés par [? justion ?] nucléaires successives…).

    1. Oh wait… was that le précédent paragraphe ? I’m just guessing form the context though. In DJS "dant" would never be written with was to "us" is only the "tem/tim/tum" blend, and a detached P means post and G alone means grand 😀

      1. It’s a very nice selection … but I was expecting the beautiful supernova pictures from the book! Just kidding, of course …

        P above the line is the prefix para- and the g is just an abbreviation used to indicate that the rest of the word starts with g.

        Also, I think Christine meant fusions nucléaires. Lastly, carbone is written without the a.

        1. Hi Carlos,

          for the picture, I was tempted… as there are so beautiful pictures of nebula. But it's not the same size as a black and white picture and it's not shorthand, per se…

          Yes, 'paragraphe' is a curious word ; I guess that when words are created by using prefixes/suffixes, the result is so specific that it is even less needed to detail the form.

          'post-' seems to be the only prefix on the baseline. A risk of confusion, in my opinion. I admit I never grasped these 'services p o' in Exercices à lire n°217 of Sénécal…

          'Carbone' and 'fusion'… right. It will be corrected. Thanks, both of you… 🙂

      2. Hello, Aymeric,

        glad you're more and more able to read my texts.

        Yes, your intuitions are good, hard to read stenography without using them, I think… 🙂

        1. Yes, I bet you’ve figured out by now that I don’t really like having to rely on guesswork, but I’ve realised that without some degree of imagination, Anni Gregg is impossible to understand 😀

          1. Well, when it's the same person who writes and reads, there's no guessing, just a refreshing of memory…

            Reading a text you haven't written is very goood to learn… as long as there's some quality and I do my best.

            It's a bit like a game. Don't you like it? 🙂

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