Quotation Collection

I thought I would share an idea I came up with for practicing shorthand that is turning out out to be quite enjoyable.

I have a dedicated notebook in which I am creating a collection of my favorite quotations, written first in longhand and then in shorthand.  It’s really fun and I look forward to it each day so much that it doesn’t feel like “work.”

I had been struggling to think of a way to begin using shorthand in daily life in ways other than grocery lists. I wanted something with more substance. Quotations are inspirational, bring a smile to my face, and are relatively short, so it’s not a great burden to look up any outlines of which I am unsure.  I also like the way that it forces me to use a wider range of vocabulary than I am recycling by copying the business letters in the book.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!




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  1. Last Christmas a friend gave me a notepad which had a quote on the bottom of each page. Her idea was that I could transcribe the quote into shorthand and of course the page provided plenty of space to perfect the outlines. I love your idea, Laura. 

  2. Another thing I do is find a random newspaper article and translate it into Gregg, not caring if I write over the text.

    So I end up with a lot of newspaper with Gregg scribbled all over it.

    1. Yes, I'll start translating longer pieces in a couple of months or so, once I feel more confident about the correctness of my outlines.

      Funny thing is, the way I knew I was ready to begin doing this at all was that one day when making notes in my agenda (I stubbornly use a conventional 3-ring binder with paper sheets) it felt tedious and time-consuming to write in longhand. It was as if I "resented" it because I knew there was a better way!

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