French: envisageable


I’m not really happy about the French word “envisageable” striding three entire lines on my notepad, but I can’t find any sensible way to shorten it.

I can’t leave ou the B because the verb envisager also exists. I can’t leave out the J because then it would look like “invisible”.

Any ideas?


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  1. If you use this word a lot, make it a shortcut: n-v-b. It’s quick (it requires just two strokes) and distinct (environable doesn’t exist in French). Is there any other French word with the same outline?

    1. Oh right, so I could have invisible with S, and envisageable without S? That would be the difference between those two?
      Envisageable is not a word I use that much, but it still is a pretty common word.

      1. Personally, I like Carlos’ solution… “NVB” is quite simple. You could also use the “NV” in formulas such as “J’envisage de ” like “JNV”… (“JNVD” means “Je ne voudrais…”)

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