A Home Town Is Born

This is an interesting account of what happened when a company town was sold to its tenants. I transcribed it in Anniversary Gregg for the blog.

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  1. Hi Carlos,

    Thank you for the marathon session I had reading through this.  It was only because it was so long that it took me a long time to get through.  Unlike the letter to Santa which took time because it foxed me, and still does, in many places.

    I know very little of American history (we British are rather insular perhaps) and so articles like this are quite enlightening.

    I admire the phrases you put together, but probably would not think of "human nature" when writing.  And I was interested to see that you used "we were" (page8 col2 line9) for I had only seen it once before and that was when reading something that Gregg himself wrote.

    I'm looking forward to the next educational transcription. 

    1. You're welcome, Nick. The vocabulary here was not difficult, but as you said, it was a long article, so this was more of a reading and writing endurance test!

  2. Nick, I haven’t read this article yet, but if you hadn’t mentioned “we were” in your comment, I’m sure that would have thoroughly confused me. Now I know how to read it when I come upon it. (I learned Diamond Jubilee, not Anniversary.) As for you British being insular, well, I guess you are _literally_ insular. But I think most Americans don’t know much of British history either.

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