Can Anyone Help Me Fill in the Blanks?

So, apparently in the early 1900s in Hawaii, people didn’t get birth certificates when they were born. Often, they didn’t seek to get a birth certificate until they were in need of services that required one. To get one later in life, they had to go through a court proceeding to basically prove who they were, who their parents were, and when they were born.

I am in the process of translating a transcript of a court proceeding in Hilo Circuit Court dated April 25, 1963 where an adult woman, who was adopted as a child, is testifying in an attempt to get a birth certificate. Right now, I’ve only been asked to translate a single page. I’ve been able to decipher the whole page except for some parts at the bottom. This page is written on steno paper, so there is a left column and a right column. I’m posting a photo of the bottom of the page where I’m having trouble. I know the quality is poor, but the copy was made by the court clerk a long time ago and no better copy is available. The very last line of the left column looks like it was partially cut off.

Here’s what I have so far:

For the left column:

Did they ever give you
_____? No.
Did they tell you how old you were
when they took you as a child?
No. I have also heard from

For the right column:

Where is Mary Johnson?
In Honolulu
Mrs. Eddie Rose
Do you know her address? I don’t know

If anyone can provide assistance in helping me fill in the blanks, I’d appreciate it!

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  1. I think that the last part of the right-hand column could be, "Her husband work?" (i.e. "Does her husband work?"), and then, "He's dead.".

    I can't figure out the other bits at all (yet).

    1. Thanks, Adam. That certainly makes sense. Please post if you have any thoughts on the other bits. … Hey, instead of “work,” maybe “occupation” ?

  2. I think the answer to "Do you know her address" should not be "I do not know her husband's work." Perhaps it's "I do not know her house, of course." Or if the stenographer uses idiosyncratic phrases, maybe "I do know" or "I would know".

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