Man Overboard

This entertaining story was based on a real event that happened to the Captain of this ship. I transcribed it in Anniversary Gregg for the blog.

Attachment: man-overboard.pdf

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  1. A lovely story.  It was a real page-turner. And brought a tear to my eye at the end.

    I was foxed by your transposition of pages 3 & 2 though!  I thought it had been written in flashbacks and alternating different peoples viewpoints.  I only realised the transposition afterwards — after finding the story online.

    Educational too.  I now know exactly what a gunnel is — and that it can be spelt gunwale!

    And, as always, lots of shorthand tips and reminders.  (I failed to get 'emergencies',  and 'lifeboat' — though I should have guessed that one.)

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