Sentinels of the Wilds

American poet and educator Archibald Rutledge describes the habits of some wild pack animals in this essay, here transcribed in Anniversary Gregg by yours truly.

Attachment: sentinels-of-the-wilds.pdf

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  1. Some really excellent phrasing in this transcription!  Worth reading twice in order to try to remember some of the phrases for future use.

    And until today I didn't know "buffalo" was  "b-u-f".  I guess that's a word we don't see too often!

    1. These are fun to write. It beats the heck out of reading boring business letters, right?

      I try to phrase as much as possible. Sometimes I don't when I can't fit the outline in the space, but for the most part I do.

      Yes, "buffalo" is written according to the Abbreviating Principle. That's how you write "Buffalo, NY."

      1. Yes, the articles you post here are several orders of magnitude more interesting than those business letters. I enjoy reading these. As for the business letters, well, of all the things I've read, they're among them.

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