Penmanship Practice – August 2021

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  1. I was wondering how best to make use of these penmanship practises.  Would it be (as in the Functional Method) to copy them out?  Perhaps repeating those forms I have trouble with.  Perhaps repeating until the whole piece comes out (fairly!) fluently?

    Or am I wrong, or is another approach intended?


    1. All of the above sounds good to me, :-).

      This started by posting the Order of Gregg Artists (O.G.A.) penmanship practices that appeared monthly on The Gregg Writer. Eventually, I changed to posting new material that had not appeared before. Originally, the idea was to print each passage, paste it on the left column of the notebook, and write it in the best shorthand possible on the right column. However, your suggestions would also work.

      Incidentally, although the passages are written in Anniversary, any Gregg Shorthand writer can take these passages and practice penmanship as well.

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