The Best Advice I Ever Had


Sage words by movie, television, and Broadway star Mary Martin — I transcribed them in Anniversary Gregg.

Attachment: the-best-advice-i-ever-had.pdf

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  1. Back to work (well not work really, just fun) after the holidays.  Nice to get back to these pieces which must take Carlos a lot of time to research, as well as writing so neatly.

    This one was quite easy for me — I think it was the chatty way she had of speaking/writing with few unusual words.

    But I failed on one form: page 2 column 1 line 14; the end of that line.  "Be ??? to learn….."

      1. Ah ha:

        But you've got to learn, to listen, not close your ears in anger or pain.

        (I mistook the apostrophe for the prefix super/supr".)


        1. I should have attended to the position of the apostrophe — super would have been a bit before the down stroke.  My own writing is a little capricious in places, and also my reading it seems!  I will have to do your penmanship practices to get back on track.  (And re your reply to my query on the August one, it was interesting to read about the OGA).

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