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  1. TRANSLATION: Work up late – 7:30 as usual. Got up and started get [sic] my things ready. Took a bath. Had breakfast. My hair didn't dry so it didn't look too good all day. Came home at lunch and got the rest of my things together. Got a letter from Ralph. Dennis decided to go home instead of coming up so Ralph went on home last night. Got off work late. Had to pick up a girl. She is a Korean Foreign student. I gave her a ride to Redding. Got to the rally about an hour late. It was good to see Larry and Ralph. Afterwards we all went to get a hamburger. I was starved. Came home and talked. Mary was tired so she went to bed. She must have had a long trip on the bus. Got to bed about 1. I stayed up and talked to Ralph. He told me the news. He got his notice of induction. He is supposed to go April 4 unless he can get a deferment. He is going into talk to them Monday.

  2. Journaling is about 99% of what I use shorthand for. There's something about distraction-free writing using pencil on paper that can't be matched. Writing at longhand speeds would be annoying, but with shorthand I can let my thoughts flow freely. I don't know how useful my journaling will be to future generations, because I use it to sort out my thoughts without referencing anything useful for anyone who isn't me. I probably wouldn't even know what I'm talking about if I go back and look at my old pads. But it doesn't matter because getting my thoughts out like this has been incredibly helpful, especially over the past year and a half.

    I started during the early days of the pandemic and it has saved my sanity. I fill anywhere from two to twelve columns in a day, mostly when I first wake up. 

    It's funny, though, how people assume I'm using shorthand to keep what I write secret, when that's so low on my list of reasons that I often forget it. Speed, simplicity, the feel of writing on actual paper. Those are my main concerns. 

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