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There are a few words which are not in my (Anniversary) dictionary that I’ve been puzzling over this week, and thought I would share with the group for advice.

The first is “worthwhile”.  I think it can be written “u-u-th-i”, which is just “worth” with an I on the end.  Trying to put an “L” on the end is awkward.  What do others do?

The second is “forum”.  I’ve tried “f-u-m”, which may be technically correct, but isn’t very readable.  I’ve also tried “f-o-r-m” to distinguish it from similar forms, and spelling it out “f-o-r-u-m” which seems like a lot of effort.  Any thoughts from anyone?  I have started using this word frequently.

And the last is “in-person”.  I first wrote “n” “p-r-s” but would read it as “interpersonal” because of the disjoint prefix “n”.  I then tried putting a dash between the “i” and “person” but it’s awkward and slow to write.  Has anyone else come across this word?

Thanks for having a look!


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  1. I think I read in either the simplified or anniversary manual that "worthwhile" is indeed written u-u-th-i.

    I have found myself using "in-person" a lot more recently and I write it as n/p-r-s, with the "n" disjoint but on the same line as p-r-s to avoid confusion with the "inter" prefix (since the prefix would be written above the line).

    I don't know what the correct outline for "forum" is, but I would write it as just f-m (f for "for" prefix and the "u" implied before the "m").

  2. In the DJS dictionary, “worthwhile” is [u u th i]. 

    In Simplified and DJS dictionaries, “forum” is [f o r m].

    For “in-person”, you could just write the two separate words, or [n p r s n]”

  3. I would write "in person" all in one outline: n-p-r-right s (it's a phrase, it's distinct, and very fast).

    The other two words are written as Brian suggested. "Forum" doesn't have a oo-hook because of the omission of short u rule (paragraph 134, for example "column"). About "worthwhile", remember that this word used to be written as two separate words in longhand, so you won't find it in the Anniversary dictionary. However, if you have Volume 2 of the Functional Method Manual, you can see the outline in the letter of section 363 from Assignment 64 (second paragraph, fourth sentence), or if you have the second edition of Gregg Speed Studies, you can see it on letter 83 (previous to the last sentence of the letter).

  4. Thank you everyone!

    I figured "worthwhile" was right, but just wanted to check.  I actually didn't know that it became a compound word only recently.  "Forum" does make sense as Brian suggests (and I didn't even think to look it up in my Simplified dictionary).  I do like the phrase for "in-person" that Carlos suggests.  It is very fast to write.

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