Plants that Like Meat

Here are some interesting facts about carnivorous plants, transcribed in Centennial Gregg by yours truly.

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    1. As a matter of fact, there is a parasitic plant called the Greater Dodder (Cuscuta europaea).  It gets all of its nutrition from other plants.  Its leaves are tiny and often have no chlorophyll of their own.  It's found throughout the U.S.  The creepy thing is, it has particular tastes and actually searches out the host plants that it prefers!  It senses chemical signaling from plants (it won't grow towards empty pots).  In tests, it was shown to prefer tomato plants over wheat plants– a scientist found that if they made a tomato perfume and dabbed it on cotton swabs, that the Dodder would grow towards the cotton swabs.  Just imagine, a plant vampire!

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