Gregg Shorthand Mag 1913-1926 on Google

The Gregg Shorthand Magazine is available for pdf download on Google Books for 10-1913 through 9-1926. Volume 6 (10-1918 through 9-1919) is missing. This is the British equivalent of the Gregg Writer Magazine.

Please note the following:

—The shorthand plates are mostly faded, and many of them are unreadable.

—There are not many interesting stories in shorthand for this period of time. The shorthand plates mostly contain articles about how you should behave.

At the bottom of this post, I am including a link to the OCLC page that has all of the Google Books links for these magazines.

In the “find a Copy Online section,” You have to select the option to show more than the 3 Google links that will show initially. Each link is labeled “Google.” You need to click on each link and see which volume it is for. Volumes 14 and higher are snippet-view only, and you cannot download them.

I had to email Google Books and request each of the volumes through volume 9 be made available for download. Those were originally snippet-view only. They changed them all yesterday to full view for pdf download.

Here is the link:

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