Some Facts About the Beverage of Millions

The popularity of coffee is indisputable around the world. Find out in this article transcribed by yours truly in Anniversary Gregg, a little bit of history of coffee and why it is indeed the beverage of millions.

Attachment: some-facts-about-the-beverage-of-millions.pdf

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  1. Well this went fairly easily for me.  I hope it was written some while ago, for the thought of finding sand or blood in coffee grounds nowadays is rather off-putting! 

    I have two questions.

    (1) The sentence around line 7 (page 3 column 1):  "it was in 1727 that a ??????????? secretly carried…..".  I could only get "Francisco" amongst the string of names.

    (2) Is it "many many" on line 9 (page 6 column2)?

      1. Thanks Carlos.  Curiously, during my googling as you suggested I was listening to radio 3 (the UK's BBC classical music station) and they were broadcasting Bach's coffee cantata!

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