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  1. Well this was a breeze — perhaps it shows my literary ability when only simple stories are plain! 

    But I had trouble with:
    page 2 col 1 line 2: "… it would do ? for a cradle …"

    page 3 col 1 line 3: is it "drew" or "draw"?
    page 3 col 1 line 16: you write "warmed" with a disjoined "t".  It read fine.  But afterwards I thought I would have written it using "md".
    page 4 col 1 4th line up:  I think you may have written the "ar" in star a bit flattened (?)

    1. The word you had trouble with is "capitally."

      I made some corrections.

      “Warmed” is written with the disjoined t in Anniversary, because it is an abbreviated word (same rule as "formed"). In Simplified and later, these endings were joined.

      1. Thanks Carlos.

        That I originally learned Simplified still shows up then.  And my incomplete knowledge of all brief forms let me down with "capitally".

        It was a lovely bitter-sweet tale just right for a Christmas evening.



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