Help with Translation? WWII Field Journal

I’m working on a WWII field journal (Anni Gregg) and having trouble deciphering a few words – I suspect because I don’t have a military background. I’m hoping some of you can help me fill in the blanks. This is 1943 in Italy. The writer is Canadian or European – not American:

… action as the regiment was withdrawn for a [refit/reset]. Spent about a week in a very pleasant spot during which time we did some swimming. Then went out on a ___________
August 20. _____ 5 regiments and all went very successfully. Then had to suddenly be ready to move off with RS. (The previous week the RS had been re-organized ________ SB for an OP. Finally joined the Canadian AT regiment and
September 5 traveled over to Italy with them. This was 2 days after the invasion when the rest of the battery …

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