Shorthand and Secretarial Books Available

I received an email from a lady whose mother was a legal secretary for many years. Her mom would have been 100 this year, and as the executor of her state, she wants to find a new home for her mom’s materials. I agreed to post the list of available titles in the hopes that the members of the blog may be interested. Her mom learned Anniversary, but she collected books from many series along the years.

If you are interested in any of these materials, just send me a note and I’ll put you in contact with her.

Shorthand Books

Gregg Shorthand, by Gregg, 1929
Gregg Speed Studies, 1929
Gregg Shorthand Phrase Book, by Gregg, 1930
Gregg Shorthand Dictionary Simplified, by Gregg, Leslie, Soubek, 1949
Gregg Speed Building, Diamond Jubilee Edition, by Gregg, Leslie, Zoubek 1957
Gregg Shorthand, Gregg, 1958
Gregg Shorthand Simplified, for Colleges, Volumes 1 & 2, by Leslie, Zoubek, Holser, 1958
Gregg Expert Speed Building, by Zoubek, 1968
Gregg Shorthand Dictionary, by Gregg, Leslie, Zoubek, 1971
Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified, by Leslie & Zoubek, 1955
The Gregg Writer, A Monthly Magazine for Secretaries, Stenographers, and Typists, Editor: Gregg, February, 1939

Secretarial Books

Reference Manual for Stenographers and Typists, fourth Edition, by Gavin & Sabin 1970
California Style Manual, A handbook of Legal Style for California Courts and Lawyers, by Formichi, 1977
Complete Secretary/s Handbook, by Doris & Miller, 1970
Secretary’s Desk Book, Parker Publishing Group 1965
Private Secretary’s Encyclopedic Dictionary, Miller, 1958
The successful Secretary’s Handbook by Becker & Anders, 1971
Handbook for the Legal Secretary, diamond Jubilee Series, by Leslie & Coffin, 1968
Legal Secretary’s Complete Handbook, Second Edition by Miller, 1974
Secretary’s Complete Model Letter handbook by Eddings, 1965

Typing Books

Legal Typing Practice, by Reigner, 1931
Stenographers Transcription Reference, by Hobson, 1939
Faster Typing, Practice Units for Building Speed and Skill, by Hossfield & Nelson, 1959
Brief Typing, Second Edition, by Hossfield & Nelson, 1962 (Note: Only photo shows a man demonstrating correct posture)


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  1. I would like to have any that have the original shorthand, or illustrations, by my mother, Astrid.  Her surname might be Okerlund, Gescheidt, or Ramsey.  Info would appear on one of the preliminary pages.

    Many thanks!

    Donald D. Ramsey

    [email protected]


    8116 Roanoke Ave., Takoma Park MD 20912

    1. Nice to hear from you, Donald. Unfortunately, none of those books had plates written by your mom; as far as I can tell, Mrs. Richmond, Mrs. Johnson, and Mr. Rader were the plate writers of those books.

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