1963 Yearbook Entry

Waaay back in the day, Gregg Shorthand was taught at many high schools as an elective. Of course, that meant that many entries inside the cover of graduation yearbooks were written in shorthand. Sometimes these entries were done a little sheepishly … the writer could express their feelings, knowing that the owner of the yearbook couldn’t read it.

I thought you all might get a kick out of this one I recently translated for a guy who said he’s been wondering since 1963 what this gal wrote in his yearbook. When I sent him the translation, he replied to me that it brought back “great memories” of his high school years. Spoiler alert: I’m including the translation below the image, so don’t scroll too far down if you’re learning Gregg and want to first try to translate it yourself:


TRANSLATION: Take it easy and don’t break too many hearts, you big play boy but good looking son of a gun

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  1. This was very easy to read. So many old shorthand scribbles are poorly written and hard to read, but this girl has done well. I wonder if she became a secretary or stenographer.

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