Why is it that “such” has a left S?  The ‘favoured’ way (I thought) was a right S.

(In the word “session” the right S is used.  The word “sent” has (as the rule for putting curves outside a sharp angle) a right S.  Similarly “sand”.)

I’ve only fairly recently realised that the left S is used in “such”, having written with facility the right S for quite a long while.  The correct way feels and looks so odd to me.



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    1. Thanks for the explanation Carlos; and for mentioning that book.  As David said, it is very good.  I feel that Gregg himself is speaking — I know he was a very good teacher. 

      (I looked on AbeBooks and they had a copy for £23, but the postage from USA was £46 so I did not proceed with the purchase, but it would be good for someone in the US.)  But rummaging through some papers relegated to the shed due to lack of house space I found a print-out of it which I had done some years ago.  I had, then, gone through some of it up to a certain lesson (it's pre anniversary).  But now I'll study it again.


      1. You’re welcome. It really doesn’t matter that it is correlated with the 1916 New and Revised Edition, as most questions are also relevant to Anniversary. Writers of other series can benefit from reading this booklet as well.

  1. Thanks Carlos for referencing this book.  I'd never read it before, and it is excellent!  Answered a number of questions I'd had for a long time!

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