The Son

The city of Dana Point in Southern California was named after American politician and lawyer Richard Henry Dana, who described the area in his book Two Years Before the Mast. The following essay from the book The Idle Man was transcribed by me in Anniversary Gregg for the blog.

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  1. Well!  That was an odd one.  At times I felt I could use any word and it would make just as much sense!  It was not until page 3, when he got onto his main point, that I began to feel I was understanding him. — Not that I am unfamiliar with older writing styles for I read Pepys and Defoe (16 & 1700s) without trouble.

    I got all the words but it was really hard, with much use of the dictionary.  But I would like to check that I got the following correct:
    (1) p1c1l7 "evil"
    (2) p3c2l2 "points"
    (3) p3c3l5 "knee"

    I was corrected in my own writing (p1c2l7) for I write "current" as cr-nt — I omit the "e".  I can't think of any possible confusions doing that though.

    1. It’s a short essay, but the author’s very formal writing style makes it challenging. However, if you read it aloud, it makes more sense.

      The three words are correct.

      About “current”, “k-r-nt blend” is the word “crowned”, but it would not make any sense in that sentence.

  2. I think that's the first time I've seen the suffix "sities" used (in propensities).  Had to think about it for a few seconds until I realized it was a plural!

    1. Indeed. And also remember that words ending in -versity do not use the suffix. Those follow the omission of r rule: -v-e-right s-t-e.

    2. It took me much more than a few seconds to get propensities, with a good search through my dictionary till I  got the 'propen' part!

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