French: Ce qu’un geste amical peut faire

as Carlos seems to be still interested, I propose this text made of simple words. Sounds like a true story… Alas, a bit






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  1. This is so cool. Thanks for posting! I'll transcribe later, but I was scratching my head with one word of the sixth line: Tout en marchant, j'ai vu une bande de ???? courir vers Maurice. There are not that many words in French with vaill– and none of them made sense until I thought that this is not vaill-, but voy-, and voilà voyou (in this case voyous because it's plural). I would have written it v-a-oo hook (like writing envoyé), as it is much simpler and it conveys the pronunciation (I would have also added the underscore under the a, as it is written in French Simplified and DJS, to make it even more clear). The circle does not need to be broken.

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