My Sister

This is very touching story by an anonymous writer, transcribed by me in Anniversary Gregg.

Attachment: my-sister.pdf

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  1. Im glad that this was easy shorthand read, because it got me through the ordeal of emotional angst without delay.

    But I have a couple of points:

    p1 c1 l3:  Was it a jog or a small o you used in "no more than"?

    p2 c2 l8: I could not get "and ? to eat"

    Did you miss the word "not" from p3 c1 l4? (!)

    p c2 l10: I always put two dots in "thinking" though always whether that or "think" would be clear.  Unlike "thanking" where a transcription mistake could be made.

      1. No worries.

        The first phrase is "not more than" so it is a jog. The second word is "endeavored". In the last one, I sometimes omit the -ing dot when it's obvious, but I added the extra dot to make it clearer.

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