Anniversary Manual

Several people recently have expressed an interest in learning Anniversary.  This Ebay listing is for a copy of the 1929 manual that looks to be in good condition.  Lots of the available copies that show up have much more wear and aging, or other damage.

$9.99 with free shipping seems like a good price to me.  If I needed a copy I’d probably buy this one.



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    1. Wow, that is quite a few errors! This document will come in handy, thank you 😀 Do you know if these many mistakes were commonly found in other Gregg works, such as the first Simplified ed. and pre-Anniversary editions, or was this an anomaly of errors?

      1. Ah, I just read your comment in the "Errors of Anniversary Manual" post. That's a sad story. Poor Mr. SoRelle, I do not blame him for making so many errors in light of what happened.

    2. I'd still buy this copy (or a similar one) for a few reasons.  One, the first edition printing is historically interesting and significant.  Two, the process of going through and noting the corrections would be fascinating.  And three, Anniversary materials in this condition are getting hard to find.  

      I have three copies of the Anniversary manual.  One is dated 1929, but has the corrections.  The others are 1942 and 1957 printings.  

      I may keep my eye out for another first edition copy.


    1. You're welcome. Also, in some Anniversary manuals, the additional vocabulary in paragraph 236 (page 115) is different. The official version starts with "abstract", while in some manuals, the list starts with "abandon."

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