Thanksgiving Day

An extract of the Thanksgiving Sermon: The Family as an American Institution, delivered by American clergyman Henry Ward Beecher, on Thursday, November 26, 1868, here transcribed in Centennial Gregg by me for the blog.

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  1. Thank you for your post about Thanksgiving.  I was surprised that I could read most of it, despite the fact that I learned the Diamond Jubilee version of Gregg Shorthand.  Centennial doesn't seem very different–there were jus a few words I had trouble with.  Thanks again.

    1. You're welcome! DJS, S90, and Centennial are all very similar, so if you know one of those series, you can read the other two without much difficulty. I chose to write in Centennial for the blog just because it was the last series published.

      1. I agree.  I learned Diamond Jubilee, and I find it almost impossible to see the difference between it, Series 90, and Centennial.  

        I've always wondered why McGraw-Hill didn't just do a 3rd and 4th edition of Diamond Jubilee, rather than creating new "versions" which are essentially the same.  Centennial did re-introduce some older brief forms, but that's about it.  


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