A Simple Bill of Fare for a Christmas Dinner

From her book Bits About Home Matters, American poet Helen Hunt Jackson (H. H.) shares her ideas of what should be included in a Christmas dinner. I transcribed it in Anniversary for the blog.

Attachment: a-simple-bill-of-fare-for-a-christmas-dinner.pdf

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  1. Well that was a meal to be savoured; though it left me with a little indigestion — many questionable words.  And some morsels I had to leave on my plate (undeciphered):
    (1) p2c1l18 second outline
    (2) p3c2l1 first outline
    (3) p3c1l14 fourth outline
    (4) p4c1l17 second outline
    (5) p4c2l14 last outline

    Was there a missing word in the sentence at the last line of p3c2? "That is another excellent [?] about / our bill of fare."

    And it was interesting to find the difference between the outlines for "joyous" and "joys" which I'd not noted before.

    1. This essay, although short, is not easy to transcribe:

      (1) p2c1l18 second outline: "memory"
      (2) p3c2l1 first outline: "persons"
      (3) p3c1l14 fourth outline: "with"
      (4) p4c1l17 second outline: "martyrs"
      (5) p4c2l14 last outline: "specialty"

      Lastly, the last line of p3c2: "… That is another excellence about …"

      1. Thanks Carlos,

        I should have got half of those!  I think, while reading it, my mind was looking for more abstruse words and missed the obvious..

        1. You're welcome. Sometimes if one takes a break and rereads the passage later on, those difficult words will magically disappear, like a Christmas miracle, smiley.

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