National Emergency Library (Internet Archive)

Internet Archive has launched its National Emergency Library with wide open access for all its digitized books until June 30th, 2020.   No waiting period!  There are many Gregg shorthand books available to borrow, including Gregg Notehand.

There is also a Book Sponsorship program.  If there’s a book they don’t have, you can request that they digitize it:

Book Sponsorship gives readers the power to affect which books are borrowable on Open Library. Help us fill in the gaps and build a library that leaves no reader or book behind. The name “Open Library” is more than a hat tip to open source. It’s a commitment to our patrons. Building a truly Open Library means every reader deserves a say in what’s on their bookshelf.

I’m sure we can all think of Gregg shorthand books that we’d love to see available!

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  1. Thanks for posting this information.

    Using your search link, I was able to find 49 books that can only be borrowed. There are a lot of books for people interested in Simplified and Diamond Jubilee. 

    Over 100 of the books that I found from your link can be downloaded because they are in the public domain. The 52 items that I put in the Internet Archive show up with that search. Those can all be downloaded. 

    1. It's a shame they haven't digitized the transcripts of most of these books. But at least they have available some of the more recent shorthand books. I wonder if McGraw-Hill would ever consider making digital versions of some of these books available, especially the Simplified Gregg books that they are still printing. Just a thought.

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