Write your own name!

I’ll start
Wrote it on my PDA.

Michael Lisitsa

(by michael_lisitsa for everyone)

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  1. Couldn't get to the link for some reason, but on the same subject, I write my name a-l-e-backwards-s-n.  Is that correct for "Alison"?  Is there a list of proper names written in Gregg shorthand?   I just bought a DJS dictionary from a used-books place & noticed it had the outlines for geographic names in the back, but I don't think it has people's names.  (I'm at home & the dictionary is at the office.)   Happy New Year!  –Alison

  2. Dear Troutgirl,
    I was somewhat surprised that you did not automatically write a-l-s-n for Allison. In your review, you might find it helpful for memory retention to write the vocabulary words in each lesson at least 10 times, repeating them aloud. This reinforces the concept of an "automatic" writing response when you hear the word. Although that exercise may seem redundant, you'd find it iaugments the ease with which you can recall and create the shorthand outlines.

  3. Don't be surprised, JRGanniversary…I've developed some sloppy habits  .  I agree, it'll be a good idea to write each vocab word 10 x while saying it aloud.   I'm going to do the same with the proper and geographic names at the back of my DJS dictionary, which I just bought myself for Xmas.   I resolve to continue practicing my Gregg shorthand in 2008.  Anyone else making the same New Year's resolution?  It's an easier resolution to keep than going on a starvation diet or climbing Mt. Everest.   I write my last name dif-r-e-s (for "Defrese").  Does that seem correct?  I don't have many occasions to actually write my name in s/h.  My middle name is Ruth, not very hard to write .  Too bad it's not my first name!   I know I'm repeating myself, but anyway, again, a very Happy New Year to everyone–all the best to all of you in 2008!  Happy writing!      

  4. d-f-r-e-s…hmmmm.  Sometimes I don't know which direction to go in, Chuck.  Luckily, I NEVER, or almost never, need to write my last name!   Still practicing, and doing better and better.  Still taking dictation once a day or so at work.   I am a "living antique".  So far I haven't broken my New Year's Resolution to continue practicing.  It's still very relaxing, so I'll keep it up.  –a-l-e-s-n

  5. I not sure how to write my name in short hand. I tried: ō-s-a, ō-s-e, J-o-s-a (right and left s) and J-o-s-e (right and left s)

    The easiest and quickest to me is: ō-s-a

    Is there a convention on how to write Hispanic names? I haven’t found very many resources on how taquigrafía Gregg, so I’m much more familiarized with Gregg Shorthand, anniversary. 

    1. "h dot – o-hook – left s – a" in English. I personally write it as "j-o hook-left s-e", as that's the way it's written in Taquigrafía Gregg.

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