Online Pitman Course–Can we do one for Gregg?

There’s a website that endeavors to teach Pitman 2000 in only 15 days.

Is this possible with Gregg? If I had the know-how, I might attempt to do this myself. What do you all think?

for everyone)

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  1. Great link, George!

    I can't get the sound to work; can anyone else?

    Maybe I'm cynical (OK, so I AM), but with 21 ways to express STR in Pitman, 15 days doesn't seem like enough to write "correct" outlines. (Or, am I being too anal retentive?)


  2. Marc:

    The sound works just fine for me.

    Apropos the "str"–you are correct; 15 days doesn't seem enough. But we don't know how long each lesson is, each day, on that website. There's a possibility it could be covered.

    I have the book "Teach Yourself Shorthand" which deals with the New Era version. The pupil is advised that, if one lesson is done each day, the 23 lessons could be learned in 23 days.

  3. Marc, I forgot to address one of your points.

    The "str" rules really aren't as hard as they sound, Dr. Gregg notwithstanding. The simple rule is that if there's a vowel, a stroke is used, while if there isn't (as in the word "stroke"), the hooks and circles are used. Dr. Gregg focused on this issue because he was selling a new system, albeit a stellar one :-). Sales pitches can sometimes be misleading.

    But back to the topic–do you think the approach of the website I proffered is possible with Gregg? Rather, is there anything intrinsic about Gregg Shorthand that would preclude this approach? It sure would be nice to see somebody make this endeavor.

  4. Are Simplified and later versions still under copyright restrictions? It seems to me that Anniversary and Pre-Anniversary have quite a bit of supplementary material available and am I correct in understanding that it is all in the realm of public domain?

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