Diamond Jubilee Series Theory Cheat Cards

I made some cheat cards for the theory bits of DJS: I tried to capture everything beyond the basic alphabet, organized by chapter, lesson, and paragraph. Please let me know about mistakes or other improvements you can think of 🙂

Attachment: GreggDJSCheatCards_01042000.pdf

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  1. I am just popping in to say "hello." I'm off on a year-long adventure to improve my Gregg with a colleague. We're dictating to one another from the DJS "College" series. I've read all the plates in all three volumes and gotten my reading speed up to a consistent 60 wpm. Writing is around 20 wpm, but increasing slowly along with improving penmanship. It will be a while before I can contribute more "1,001 nights," but I am reading your postings as much as possible.

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