Extra Copy Anniversary Functional Method Pt. 1

Hey everyone,

I’m one lesson away from finishing the Anniversary Functional Method Part One (celebrate!), and Part Two was due to arrive just as I finished Part One… but they accidentally sent me another copy of Part One. Oh well, I’m going to pick up in the Anniversary Manual where I left off. I have Fundamental Drills for more reading and writing practice (though I’ll confess I’m not copying out the early simplistic and repetitive sentences).

The Functional Method Part One is a copy from 1947. The binding is in better condition than the copy I already have, but about 1/3 of page 125 is missing. It has the usual student notes in pen and pencil, ink smears, a couple small tears, etc.

Is there anyone in Europe/on the eastern side of the Atlantic who would be interested in a copy (since it’s already in Germany)? I’m going to be refunded for the book, so I’m happy to gift it and pay for shipping if the cost is low. If the shipping is particularly high to your country from Germany, I’d appreciate it if you’d cover shipping costs. If you’re interested, leave a comment, and I can post a secure way to exchange contact details.

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    1. Seriously! It was hard enough finding Part 2 in the first place.  I re-ordered it, and it's clearly marked as Part 2,  but I wonder if they're going to send me the wrong copy again…

      1. The instructions to the warehouse only include the first line or two of the title. I have many copies of Gregg Shorthand Simp, but none of Gregg Shorthand Simplified Functional Method Teachers' Manual.

        That's for AbeBooks. I haven't tried other sellers.

        It took me many iterations to figure that out. A few times I emailed the seller before buying, and they all told me is that the person who gets the email cannot communicate with the warehouse in anyway. Go ahead and order, they'll reimburse me if they send the wrong book. I got my many copies of the wrong book for free, since paying for me to return it cost more than letting me keep the book.

  1. It's a while since I've ordered a book that I thought might be confusing to the seller, or one whose exact condition I wanted to know. But when I did place such orders, I found the best approach was to phone the seller and ask about the book. If they could fetch the book, verify that is was what I wanted, and describe its condition (presuming it was sufficiently good), then I'd order the book. I think using html forms, bots, etc., will often result in a less satisfactory purchase.

    1. I've contacted sellers several times for ambiguous copies that don't list which part they are, but due to the COVID-19 situation, they can't even go in the warehouse anymore to check copies. My last order was listed in the description as Part 2, and the picture of the cover shows Part 2, so one would hope… We'll see how it goes for the next round.

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