A modest approach to learning Simplified Functional

I write a weekly newspaper column. More often than not, I take notes and draft it by hand, then type it into a laptop. So handwriting is a big part of my process, and Gregg would be an asset.

Having neither the time nor energy for a complete, intense study of Gregg, I am taking a more modest approach:

1. Learn the 600 most frequent words and incorporate them into my writing and note taking. (Have learned the top 50 so far, and this alone has sped up my writing.)

2. Read through Gregg Simplified, the lessons and exercises. (Don’t study, don’t write, just read.)

By the time I’m finished, I’ll have a familiarity with the whole system, plus a goodly number of signs (or are they called symbols) that I can write without hesitation.

After steps one and two, I’ll decide if there’s a step three.

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  1. John, you have a similar goal to my own. I too take notes by hand while interviewing people. I try to capture the most important quotes so I can type them up later. Some quotes can be paraphrased, but most need to be fairly accurate verbatims. 

    I'm doing Notehand first, and then I'm going to start reading through the Functional Method Part 1 book for Anniversary. Like you, I feel I'm likely to benefit from incorporating at least some brief forms, etc., into my current handwriting in order to gain speed. Especially if use these new tools all the time. And hopefully I'll keep going and growing!

    It will be fun to see how it goes for us, and what works and what doesn't!

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