Greetings from new member (Mark)

Hi Everyone,

My name is Mark, and I am happy to join the blog as a new member!

I have maintained a nearly lifelong casual interest in Gregg Shorthand, and began the slow process of gradually learning it over 40 years ago now, with the purchase back in 1979 or early 1980 of a Gregg textbook I found at my local bookstore (a later edition of what I now realize was the Diamond Jubilee version).

Even as a kid and teenager, I was intrigued to see scenes on TV and in movies where “shorthand” was mentioned, and wondered exactly what it was.  I regret now that I did not attempt to begin the process of learning Gregg *before* I began college, rather than shortly after graduation…. when I think of all the time it would have saved me taking notes for class, especially in that ancient, pre-digital age, with no smartphones, no Powerpoint handouts, and no voice recognition devices of any kind!  My father had insisted that I take a typing class, (learning on a manual machine), in high school; I sure wish I had taken shorthand as well!

With the advent of the Internet, and my learning of the various versions of Gregg, I have made some progress in recent years in getting familiar with Anniversary Gregg, and have come to appreciate its time-saving advantages and relative efficiency, although some things took a bit of getting used to.

For a number of years now, I have lurked on this site, reading various posts, but have finally retired within the last couple of months, and look forward to spending more time here in the future, and learning from others.  (By the way, just FYI, in case anyone else had this issue, before posting this message, I had tried several times to access the “Message for New Members” section, and kept getting an error message; I was wondering if I am the only one this happened to.)

Anyway, I’m very glad to be here!

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  1. If you use Facebook, you might want to look at the group “Gregg Shorthand Readers, Writers and Fans”. I’ve been posting a lot of simplified material there lately, among other things.

    The group also has a “Files” section, with some interesting material, including a good quality scan of “Teach Yourself Shorthand” and the “Gregg Shorthand Junior Manual”, both of which are nice presentations of the whole system.

    I learned Gregg Notehand in high school in the 1960s, then Diamond Jubilee. Those shorthand classes were not for the faint of heart!


  2. Hi,  Mark,

    I’ve been lurking as a new member here for ages; I want to learn Anniversary, in books my late mother gave me, I think from her high school classes.


    1. Thank you for welcoming me, Lee, Carlos and Mimi…

      I did create a Facebook login many years ago, although I have rarely visited the site over the years since. I appreciate you letting me know about the Gregg shorthand group, Lee, and plan to take a look at some of the material posted. My viewpoint is, the greater the variety and quantity of shorthand material you are exposed to over time, the more likely you are to retain and increase your skill over the long term!

      To me, there has always been something very appealing in the idea of being able to rapidly and efficiently take notes using Gregg, and even in this age of modern electronic miracles, I like the notion of becoming proficient in shorthand, where the only “circuitry” required is that wiring contained within your own brain!


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