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Hello everyone!

I started learning Gregg Anniversary FM around 7 February and I’ve just finished assignment 21 today. My reading speed averages around 60 standard-wpm on the most recent assignment.

What I’m wondering is whether I should go back over everything and reread all the assignments to build more speed/familiarity or if my time would be better spent now, to just continue on with the reading + writing sections?

Thank you.

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  1. Rereading the material you have already completed in the first 21 lessons would be a great reinforcement of that content, and it will facilitate your reading/writing progress as you move forward with the remaining lessons of the Anniversary book.  In fact, in the Functional Method of teaching/learning Gregg Shorthand, introduced by Louis Leslie and used by many shorthand teachers for years, writing was not introduced until Lesson 19; so all of the introductory chapters were read only by the learners.

  2. Adding to what Peter said above, notice that Assignment 21 is the last before starting Chapter V of the manual, so reviewing the first four chapters of the manual will help you a lot. Also, take this opportunity to review the same four chapters from the third edition of Gregg Speed Studies and the 5,000 Most Used Shorthand Forms books. Lastly, if you haven’t done so, take a look at the recommendations presented in the Teacher’s Handbook for the FMM.

  3. Thanks Peter, Carlos. Yep, indeed I am using the Functional Method (Anniversary FM) books and lesson 21 is the last reading lessons before writing starts, which is exactly why I thought to stop and come look for some advice first 🙂

    Okay, so the consensus is that more reading is better, so I will go back over those lessons and make sure I get some good fluency with the reading pieces. What I was worried about, is spending too much time on the first part because there may be so much more coming to learn/memorise. Is that the case, or is this first part a large bulk of the load? Besides more brief forms etc.

    Carlos, I will see if I can borrow Gregg SS 3rd ed. from, otherwise I will have to use the 2nd ed. You’ve mentioned that book and 5000 forms to me before, so I will make a point to go through them now.

    I use the Teachers Handbook alongside my studies as it often has good advice as to how best to do a lesson. I don’t understand which recommendations you are referring to, unless you mean just that, the guidelines for each assignment? I’ve also read through Part I of the handbook.

    1. You’re welcome! If you have the second edition of GSS, it’s the first four speed studies that will cover up to Chapter 4. Either the second or third editions of GSS are fine — the third correlates unit by unit with the manual so it’s easier to follow.

      As long as you are consistent in your studying, there is no problem in going back to review because that process reinforces the concepts and helps you identify gaps in your knowledge. As long as you’re not stopping your studying (for example, not reading any shorthand for days), it should be fine. Of course, there is more coming, but by that time, you’ll be able to handle it. So don’t worry about it. Concentrate on knowing what you know well: mastery before speed!

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