Here is an excerpt from a speech by the managing editor for the Atlanta Constitution in the 1880s Henry W. Grady, transcribed in Anniversary Gregg by yours truly.

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  1. A gentle though impassioned speech. I learnt how to write “mortgage”, and also learnt the meaning of “lien” and “avocation”.

    Some of the words seemed odd in their usage and I could not guess at some, so I resorted to the archive and found the text. Reading it I think you made three errors – though perhaps that was for a purpose for it still made sense:
    p3c1 l9 you wrote “well-known” rather than “well-worn”.
    p4c1 l11 you wrote “old” rather than “old old”
    p5c1 l4 you wrote “homes” rather than “avocations”

    (Glad the server is functioning now.)

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