The Flag

On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress adopted a resolution stating that the official American Flag should have thirteen stripes, alternating between red and white, thirteen stars, to represent the states in the union, and a blue field to represent this new constellation. June 14 officially became National Flag Day in 1949. On Flag Day 1914, Franklin Knight Lane, then Secretary of the Interior under President Woodrow Wilson, presented this speech to the employees of the Department of Interior. I transcribed it in Anniversary Gregg.

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  1. Such a short piece deserves to be commented on on the 4th July. Very enjoyable. And a good catch-up on many States — I guessed most of them except for Illinois, Georgia, and Idaho.

    It took a while for me to realise who was speaking, the flag or the maker. Confusing at first. I resorted to a text of the address. But that was different in parts from the text you must have used. However I found the words which I could not translate.

    In the past I wondered why the USA had so much reverence for their flag. In the UK our flag is not viewed with so much respect — except for official events. It was only when I realised that your flag is the only CONSTANT representation of your nation that I saw why. We have a monarch, standing apart from changes of prime ministers, and representing to (most of) us the same things that this article says your flag does for you.

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