Shorthand^3 Moved


I had to move my shorthand site to since Geocities (the free place) is closing.

Anyone going to the old site is automatically redirected.

One of these days, if I ever get the time, now that I have more space, I want to add dictation. . . .


(by Marc for everyone)

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  1. Geocities is closing? Seems the trend of the times.

    I keep the dictation files I create as I go. No guarantees for quality or completeness, or even if they're at the right speeds for other people, but if I'm lucky they'll actually be a reasonably good set. The process is getting faster as I do more of it. Let me know if you're interested.


  2. Carlos, Anyone,

    I'm updating the links section of Shorthand^3 and need to remove the MSN link and replace it with this group's link. Perhaps I'm just being dense, but what should I use to get people to the home page? Do folks need to have an account to get here?


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