Diamond Jubilee Brief Forms & Frequently Used Phrases — with keys!

Back when I took shorthand in high school, it used to drive me nuts that we didn’t have a key or a student transcript to go with the text.  If we got stuck, we had to wait to ask the teacher in class.  I remember being frustrated with not knowing what some of the outlines were on the charts on the inside covers of the text.  Now I own a student transcript with the text, all these years later.  Maybe these charts from the inside of the book covers of the Diamond Jubilee text (with added keys!) will help someone just starting out.  I wish I would have had something like this back then.  Here are the blank charts for studying, and the keys to refer to as needed.  I prefer this format for study.

Gregg Shorthand for Colleges Volume One, Diamond Jubilee Series (1965):

Gregg Shorthand for Colleges Volume Two, Diamond Jubilee Series (1965):


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  1. That is interesting, about the key in the back for Anniversary.

    I've got both volumes of the 1965 Diamond Jubilee college texts. I've added the Vol.2 chart, which presents the brief forms in alphabetical order. That might be a more serviceable reference to those who don't have these particular books and just want to find the info quickly.

  2. Yes, I just scanned the charts, which turned them into .jpgs. Then I pulled the .jpgs up in Corel Photo, a really basic graphics program. That let me add the text. I'm hoping to do one for the Notehand charts, but they have a black background with white writing. We'll see if Corel Photo will let me put in white text or not…

  3. Hee.. that would be me, too. I'm an Evernote junkie, so I really just wanted a copy of these charts so I could save them in Evernote for reference. This seemed the best way to go about it. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say! I'm glad others can make use of them, too.

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