More books for teaching shorthand

Here’s a collection of books about teaching shorthand.  I thought it might be nice to put these together in one place.

Downloadable .pdf Books



Books You Can Read Online (But Not Download)


Print Books on Teaching Shorthand

  • Methods of Teaching Transcription by Louis Leslie (1949)
  • Methods of Teaching Gregg Shorthand by Louis Leslie (1953)
  • Shorthand Learning & Instruction by VanHuss, Lambrecht, & Christensen, South-Western Publishing Co. (1980)
  • Methods of Teaching Shorthand & Transcription by Crank, Anderson, & Peterson, Gregg Division, McGraw-Hill  Book Company (1982)


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  1. Thank you so much for putting this together. I opened the first book on the list and was really intrigued by the idea of teaching children shorthand while learning longhand. I want to attempt it with my granddaughter who's fascinated with my shorthand "scribbles."

  2. Thanks for the list, Teri. I corrected some of the links and added a menu item above under "Learning Aids" about "Teaching Shorthand" that points to this post.

  3. Fascinating list. Thank you for posting it Tei.

    The one that intrigues me is…..

    Teaching Gregg Shorthand by the Analytical Method by Minne Frick (1931)

    Carlos….. are you familiar with ? have you read? this book. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts …..

    Or from anyone else who has read it….

    1. Hi Susan,

      This was a follow-up to Analytical Lessons in Gregg Shorthand from 1924, which was of course the Pre-Anni period. Both books are very unique in their approach—I want to say "eccentric"—and yes very analytical.

      Both are well worth acquiring, though they can be hard to find.

      Mrs. Frick wrote another self-published text entitled Talk and Take Gregg Shorthand which I posted here:

      The glossary included in her 1924 text is here:

      (This was in follow-up to Prof. Cury's excellent "Shorthand Terminology" –

      As a side note, Mrs. Frick also wrote a "Talk and Take" for Thomas Natural Shorthand.

      She was born Minnie DeMotte Holt in Iowa on November 3, 1874 and taught secretarial sciences for a number of years at Oregon State College. She died in California on April 12, 1954 at age 79.

  4. Two additional books about the teaching of shorthand include the following, which were the last published books on this topic.  Both of them can be purchased easily online (ebay, etc.):

    SHORTHAND LEARNING AND INSTRUCTION by VanHuss, Lambrecht, & Christensen, South-Western Publishing Co., 1980

    METHODS OF TEACHING SHORTHAND AND TRANSCRIPTION by Crank, Anderson, & Peterson, Gregg Division, McGraw-Hill  Book Company, 1982

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